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    March 21, 2013
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officers now. we don't know what is he wanted for. a police case they're assist wchlgt we'll let you know if there are updates during the na. you can get breaking news alerts follow u.s. on twitter. >> the just-released results of an investigation into last year's murder of a patrol officer on a freeway gives new insight into the man who gunned him down. chp officer ken onyon youn was shot and killed. christopher lacey diagnosed with bipolar and the gun used was legally purchased and registered. authorities say there is no indication that lacey was going to kill officers prior to the shooting on september 4. >> the santa clara authorities filed charges today against a
preschoolteacher accused of spiking toddler sippy cups with sleeping pills. prosecutors charged the 59-year-old deborah gratz with five counts after tempted child endangerment and five counts of assault. gratz worked at kiddie academy supervising nap times for 10 children. police say a fellow teacher observed gratz putting sominex into water cups. >> new at 6:00 peninsula town of burlingame wants to open a new school but a group of neighbors is fighting the plan near eastern road and summit drive saying it's not safe for children who want to walk to school. vic lee is live at the school headquarters tonight with the story. vic? >> well, hoover elementary school is scheduled to open in the 2014 academic year but it's not a done deal. a group calling itself alliance for responsible neighborhood planning filedded this lawsuit to stop the
opening saying that they want a more thorough traffic impact study. >> hoover school was built in 19 30s and shut doors in 1970s, it became a buddhist temple. the school district bought back the old campus. >> we need the space. we're busting out of the scenes here and there are people moving here. >> it's straddles the border. a group of paibs whose homes face the school filed a lawsuit saying they want a study before the school opens. >> safety is the issue. >> joe and diane say they're not against the school reopening but say they're concerned about the safety of the children who walk to school. >> three burlingame roads that lead to the school are narrow.
>> there is not even one street or road for a kid to walk on safely without being intolerable danger doing so. >> not only are roads leading to the school narrow there are blind curves and there are no sidewalk autos being an orthopedic surgeon i've seen horrible things happen to children versus trucks or automobiles going too fast around blind curves. >> sarah move nootd neighborhood a month ago welcoming a school where her two children can walk to. but she also feels the roads are not safe. >> there are a lot of blind spots and areas it's scary to be pushing a stroller. you can't see the cars. >> the school district plans to widen the street in front of hoover to make room for traffic which may amount to several hundred cars per day. the doctor adds a traffic study commissioned found no
safety issue autos they took at -- a look at drop off and pick up and analyzed traffic and felt that we absolutely met all of the requirement that's we needed to meet it and was an absolutely safe place for students. >> the burlingame hills improvement association which represents many homeowners says it does want hoover school to reopen but not before there is a plan to deal with any congestion issues on canyon road, another road that borders burlingame. vic lee abc 7 news. >> thank you. america's top pediatrics group coming out in support of same-sex marriage. saying newer touring couples in a marriage gives children raise bid same-sex couples a feeling of security. accord together group it's the same advantage children of straight couples get. >> next week the court takes over the battle over prop 8.
the vote year proved ban against same-sex marriage. this fight now heads to the u.s. supreme court. abc 7 news has more. >> it's turned out to be a historic one. >> chris and sandy are behind the lawsuit challenging proposition 8 california ban on same-sex marriage. since the measure passage in 2008 polls show public sentiment shifted. >> i think same-sex couples should be able to get married. >> the president now supports marriage for the nation's gays and lesbians and administration filed a brief with the u.s. supreme court. >> if we're successful, and prevail, and proposition 8 goes away that is our goal. it will send a message to the rest of the country. >> not change minds of critic
who's campaigned on behalf of drop 8. >> not about same-sex marriage. it's about question of whether marriage should be eliminate. >> we're trying to have access to marriage and that is what it's all about. this is equal access to an institution that the american society holds dear. >> this berkeley couple says they feel a sense of honor for their roll in this historic case. it's unclear if justices will rule narrowly or make a decision. >> we're confident the court will define marriage between a man and woman. >> justices expected to rule by the end of june. in san francisco abc 7 news. >> the supreme court ruling as the culmination had years of
litigation. 52% of california voter as proved the ban on gay marriage. about two years later in august 4th the judge struck down prop 8 and ruled gays and lesbians have a constitutional right to marry. okay. so a year and a half later on february 7th, a appeals court upheld a ban. that cleared a way to what happened. on december 7, 2012 the supreme court announced it would decide the constitutionality of prop 8. >> abc 7 news is traveling to washington, d.c. whether the supreme court will consider whether prop 8 wrongly denies gays and lesbians the right to marry. >> and new at 6:00 an 84-year-old pilot hurt his back when he crash landed a
se -- cessna this evening. the plane was sh towed and the plane crashed after the gear collapsed during landing. the pilot says one of the feet became stuck since he was nairing the runway. >> that is good news. >> coming up at 6:00 protecting your privacy. new plan to keep e mail as way from police. >> millions do it every day. today, a celebration of tweets. inside of the social media giant. >> live doppler 7 shows clear skies right now but winds going to be gusty overnight. i'll give you a look in just a moment. >> plus how you can make extra change work four. it's a 7 on your side report.
one sign spring is upon us they're buzzing with anticipation in wine country tonight. excitement with just a dash of nervousness. tonight we're live with the story. >> well that little bit of worry is about lack of rainfall and the potential for frost. excitement after last year's record crush. wine growers and customers are
ready to pull the cork on a new season what they hope is the a.bundant in quantity and importantly, quality, but that is the beginning of the 2013 growing season in vineyard autos it hasn't broken yet. so when the bud breaks you'll get a chute. >> it's been a blessing and a potential curse. here, buds are swelling and workers are out tying vines. >> we've had a dry 2013. and the chute starting to break record. >> water supply shouldn't be a big issue. a worry is frost. >> that is a concern if we have bud swelling and break happening as well. that can get damaged. >> but with traditional weather stations and systems
growers say they'll get plenty of warnings. the new season comes as a mappa valley begins a massive replanting coming every two decades. >> one hopes when you plant that it will stay in the ground and be productive for 25 years. grapes are in high demand. cabernet is in high demanld. growers are taking an opportunity to replant vineyards. so this is an exciting time. >> that means the pattern holds this year. the harvest might be slower but it's quality, not the quantity. >> march madness arrived tonight with thousands of basketball fans descending on hp pavilion. >> that is where david louie is tonight. a lot of fun for everybody.
>> well, no question about that. it's been a pretty amazing sight to see nearly constant stream of fans going in and out of the hp pavilion game after game. downtown association estimates they're dropping something like a million dollars or more while they're here. this is the liquid gold flowing in downtown thanks to the ncaa. fans have descended for four games today. and this was the crowd this morning. >> the you can see that basketball fans are dropping money in san jose. many from out of town so some will be slay staiing over and ken is spending real money here two nights in hotel another 500 going out. about 4,000s oodz scalpers are
getting a cut of the action as are vendors. these brothers see games as a perfect opportunity. >> i think this is going to be like a weekend. so maybe. yes. maybe around there. >> there is bigger money to be made ameci is planning meal autos if you're going to make dough with dough? >> we made up to a thousand pizzas. we can sell them on concourse level we're expecting another 150 large petes yaz for the crowd. >> not everything is about b.making money. brian is trying to give away tickets instead of paying a scalper to sell them. >> i'm going to look for a family to give them tickets. because it's -- i'd rather see a family sigt next to us. >> that sounds like a good deal. >> yes.
yes. they can buy us hot dogs. >> all of this is good for san joyce yeah. and san jose didn't have to give up tax breaks because they did not get involved in the bidding for the ncaa games. >> david, thank you. >> that is cool. >> yes. >> yes i've decided not to sell the weather i'm just going to give it to you. live doppler 7 hd take a look at the great second day of spring. wind advisory in effect for a large part of the area. parts of sacramento county, san joaquin county includes delta. this from 8:00 in the morning to 7:00 tomorrow might. first live view from our mount
tam camera looking at ocean beach, clear skies, temperatures 56 degrees in san francisco. 62 oakland. another live view from our sutro camera. 66 livermore, on we go clear but gusty conditions overnight. sunny, mild tomorrow, friday. and this pattern holds into the weekend. talking about high pressure dominating our weather now, satellite shows animation and nothing changing just clouds passing well north. what is changing is that we've got dry off shore wind flow that is going to increase over the delta. overnight so we have a computer projection of wind gusts. there is a color legend here showing how strong darker areas indicate stronger wind
gusts. earlier in the evening we'll see stronger gusts along the coastline and off shore. in a is reversing overnight. still strong gusts near the coast. stronger near the delta. by 6:00 a.m. around 43 miles per hour. 22 in livermore. point reyes 29 miles per hour gusts. windy conditions overnight. upper 30s in north bay valleys and tomorrow, another pleasant day. but breezy. upper 60s and downtown san francisco, 65 degrees tomorrow, 60 in the sunset district.
upper 60s over the north bay. mid to upper 60s on the east bay. here is the accu-weather forecast. mild pattern with us into next week. highs in 70s inland then cooling down by mid week and a chance of showers on thursday but that is a long way off now. >> thank you. >> just ahead a look inside twitter. >> and also... raising taxes in oakland. tax proposal earning hi
glancing at latest headlines hundreds, millions of tweets sent every day. it's just hard to believe just seven years ago there was no such thing as twitter. realy. today, twitter celebrated it's anniversary. a special look inside of the company. >> seven years ago in a small office a little bird hatched.
a bird took over the world. >> oprah winfrey twittered for the first time. >> here is my first, is it's called a tweet. >> imt first president to live tweet. >> it's only 140 character autos but never before was so much said. the walls of the new headquarters littered with magazine covers. from first images of the plane in the hudson river to first tweet from space. >> you see people meeting spouses, starting revolution autos the spokeswoman recalled how twitter was used to organize a protest in a train station around the corner and uprising in egypt. >> twitter has found free speech to be important to the work we're doing. >> so sit with the people of
twitter. some work standing up smrks lying down. many celebrated twitter a cupcake. twitter has hundreds of tweets to hundreds of millions of tweets every day. >> hash tag introduced by a user. >> now, just about everything has a hash tag. now, twit jer also a language of it's own. one look at twitter hq shows it hasn't lost spunky, independent roots. >> san francisco is part of our dna and blood. >> in san francisco abc 7 news. >> plus, it's fun, right? you can make abc 7 your new source on twitter.
>> it's amazing. just ahead gun debate intensifies. >> this is not about anyone's constitutional rights. >> why the vice president says the proposed ban does not infringe on the second amendment. >> plus a step forward in the budget battle in washington. >> mim films that are making a so if you have a flat tire,
dead battery, need a tow or lock your keys in the car, geico's emergency roadside assistance is there 24/7. oh dear, i got a flat tire. hmmm. uh... yeah, can you find a take where it's a bit more dramatic on that last line, yeah? yeah i got it right here. someone help me!!! i have a flat tire!!! well it's good... good for me. what do you think? geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
good evening, parents of children killed at sandy hook school are trying to get a ban on assault weapons passed through congress. >> abc 7 news is here now with more. >> votes aren't there in the senate to get the ban passed. the word from the democratic leader this week but the families of newton connecticut
and families of the victims are not giving up. the parent of a murdered 7-year-old pleaded with members of congress to ask themselves are you doing enough? >> bringing about real change and if they're not to ask themselves why not? >> the conference hosted by michael bloomberg and vice president biden challenging arguments the constitution protects right to own assault weapons and clips. >> and tell me how it violate's anyone's constitutional rights to be limited to a clip that holds 10 rounds. instead of 30 or 100? >> new york mayor used his personal fortune. >> it's up to us, all of to us convince members of congress it's in everyone's interest to act now. >> tuesday, senate majority
leader said senator feinstein's proposed ban did not have enough votes to pass and would therefore be dropped from the senate proposed bill. >> this is important to me. >> the father of a victim called on the public to get involved. >> i never thought my son would be a victim or something like this could happen in sandy hook, connecticut but it did. it could happen to anyone, any one of your children or grandchildren in your hometown, or your neighborhood. and... i asked for every' every's -- everybody's support. >> senator reed dropped the assault weapons ban and ammo clip restrictions from the senate bill he's promising the measures will get a vote as amendments.
>> wow, thank you. >> an east bay lawmaker is behind a measure that could help fight crime in the state's toughest neighborhoods. the assembly man proposing a bill imposing taxes on gun ammunitions. money raised would be used to fund crime fighting programs in some of the most-violent communities in the state. >> i think political climate is as good as its ever money for -- been for restrictions people are backing -- becoming very aware. >> the bill will likely face a hurdle in sacramento. gun rights advocates say the measure violates the second amendment. >> tonight the state of israel presented the president with its highest civilian honor. president obama receive aid medal of distinction this evening in jerusalem. the day included a speech at
the university of jer ruse limb. the president made an appeal for israel to recognize that compromise will beness troy achieve lasting security. >> only way for israel to endure and thrive as a jewish and democratic state is through the realization of an independent and viable palestine. >> president obama told students the u.s. is the best friend of the country and will never back down on commitment to the defense. the president traveled to the west bank where he urged president abbas to relaunch peace talk was israel. >> a stopgap spending bill to keep the government open is now awaiting president obama's signature. house passed a bill side stepping a threat of a shut down. the measure funding operating budgets of every cabinet agency throughout end of september. leaving in place automatic cuts to domestic programs but does ease the impact of other
cuts. effort underway a bill in san francisco would require state and local authorities to get a warrant to hand over your e mails. current law says e mails are fair game if they've been opened or more than six months old. saying electronic communications should nobody different which authorities cannot access without a warrant. >> well, hates a throw away anymore the disposable film festival is here to stay and takes place tonight and friday. it's a venue for films made without big budgets. >> sometimes it's an iphone and web cam. what we care about are people
making stories with whatever they have on them. >> this year's theme is food and social justice. also helping build a track record of new generations of film makers. >> already, well could you explain your job in just 30 seconds well, dan probably could. just ahead efforts to explain complicated medical research. >> and something new at golden gate bridge. changes picking up speed.
here is a live picture of the golden gate bridge traffic moving across that span on a sparkling thursday afternoon. but change is a foot. golden gate bridge officials considering raising the speed limit at the toll plaz yachl they want to increase recommended speed limit from 5 to 25 mimp as part of a switch to a no cash toll collections system. officials say it would help keep things moving better. a decision is expected tomorrow if it's approved the
new speed limit goes into affect next wednesday that. is fast. >> there is no doubt the science behind embryonic stem cell research can be complex so now, california institute for reagain ra tiff medicine is getting researchers to rethink the way they communicate. >> the taxpayer funded institute so what does she do? we'll let her explain it. >> i fund stem cell research cell research. and finding an interesting discovery in a laboratory model trying to help them move that into clinics to be studied in humans. >> pretty clear so why the elevator? >> i'm going to go ahead and explain the story. >> directors launched a campaign called elevator pitch challenge to teach cutting edge researchers how to explain works to a stranger in
the length of a ride and... make them care bit. >> peoples eyes glaze over when you talk about research? >> directors scored videos on brevity, clarity and create activity. some researchers were born performers. >> 120,000 people a year are dying of chronic lung disease we zront any therapies. >> well, some looked they'd be more comfortable in front of a mike zone z those whose mastery of cell was stronger than the 30 second deadline. >> i should tell everybody that clinical trials in the u.s. are in coverage... >> all were brilliant researchers and good sports, kef yil littlesly believes it hinges on convincing the people paying the bills its
important for the public to be able to understand what y.that money is well spent. >> researchers advised to skip regulations and move to who might get cured and how. >> and the goal not to dumb down the science. >> great idea. the prize will be more in the gift certificate range. >> good job. just ahead going back to alcatras. >> and the changing face of change. >> putting your change to work.
if you think a penny isn't worth much there is a company that turns that copper penny into gold.
>> i introduced to you coin star when there are only a couple machines and it counted coins. my, how things have changed. >> we began 20 years ago in this market as a coin market today pro pro sesing $3 billion worth every year. >> but coin star is more now. take a look at this. it takes paper money. why? isn't the purpose turning it into bills? that used to be the purpose. now, coin star is more like a digital atm. >> it's hard to get night a digital environment. hard to do that if have you cash money or there are coins or paper bills. >> many are unbanked or under banked and the machine can help financial lives.
if dumping in coins and get a voucher coin star takes a 9.8% fee f putting in bills the charge is $3 for up to $300 in bills. and $6 for amounts over $300. pick a gift card and you pay no fee. and you can give to charity on your local coin star. >> we like to highlight that and allow them opportunities to donate coin or dollars to that. and that is a fee-free transaction. >> everyone says a penny is useless. >> it's the largest portion of the $3 billion that comes into the machine. it's a valuable part of our mix.
>> it works seamlessly with pay pal. still, best move cash in coins for gift cards there is no fee. it's not like you can just buy stuff, you can get prescriptions filled hotel rooms and play video games online. now, safeway was an early adoptor. so these are vidwidely available and there are locations in other stores just go to abc 7 and click on 7 on your side. >> brilliant. >> that is great. >> it's been a half century since last federal prisoners were taken off alcatras. a special collection of photographs is on display. >> what a i day they had to do
this. >> it's glorious out there. >> i would agree. spring has sprung. here is a look at cloud-free skies. a wind advisory in effect from 8:00 in the morning to 7:00 tomorrow night for portions of the county of sacramento. and that includes delta winds gusting over 40 miles per hour. stronger winds will shift. state wide, sunny skies including bay area. high temperatures upper 60s to low 70s and windy in spots. here is the accu-weather forecast. this weather lasts throughout the weekend. follow us on twitter. rain or shine. it's all weather all the time. >> spencer, thank you. >> all right.
>> it's march madness. lots of basketball to talk about today. >> larry beil is in now. >> yes. st. mary's great come back today, if you shoot 33% from the floor it's tough to win a tournament game. st. maries going upset
good evening. a terrific come back by st. maries. their best player had the ball with a shot to win it going for the upset n auburn hills michigan this, would be the final college game. and waldo for the slam led with 17. memphis explodes on a 19-2 run. that is the way you jam. tigers 27-1 this year. the bank open. a three with three seconds left.
great defense. st. maries forces a turn over. let's a look, no but they're eliminated. 54-52. >> i told them i've never seen better leadership. so these guys have done as well as you can do it. >> the cal in san jose in a home game under two minutes to go cal is leading. michigan state taking michigan state. spartan senior a hefty 6, 9, 270. 23 points, 15 boards.
michigan state a winner. pittsburgh taking on shockers. thank you very much. i'll take that. 13 point lead. better early than late. a win for wichita state. they'll face gonzaga. squeeze in a little bit of football. tight end shows ez he's a first round drift pack waiting to happen. in any case, stephan tailor ran a 4, 7, 6.
and tailor the all time rushing leader at stanford. >> kid comes to camp two guys going to be love them. running backs coach going to love them. he's a guy that is going to pass protect. and also it's going to get four balls to carry. >> it will probably be internet only. >> maybe not. >> all right. join me tonight at 9:00, coming up then a how to manual for cyber warfare, then at
11:00 a dog that is more than a pet and why the owner is desperate to get him back. and tonight at 8:00 it's wife swap. i'll see you for late news at 11:00. >> that is going to do it for us. >> for all of us thanks for watching. we'll see you at 9:00 and 11:00.
this is "jeopardy!" here are today's contestants -- a lawyer from chicago, illinois... a professional volunteer from belmont, massachusetts... and our returning champion, a museum guest-relations manager from los angeles, california... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thank you, johnny. thank you, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome. i guess if you're gonna win, you might as well win big. do what lauren has done -- average $25,500 per victory.
abby and steve, you've got your work cut out for you today if you want to replace her as champion. and good luck to all three of you. here we go. the jeopardy! round, and today these categories... we'll give you the invention. for example, "pogo" would be a correct response. they're all gonna be four letters. for example, "pogo" would be a corthat's a twist. alex: lauren, where do you want to go? i'll start with someone's in the kitchen for $200. lauren. who is betty crocker? she's the one. someone's in the kitchen, $400. lauren again. who is uncle ben? right. someone's in the kitchen, $600. answer there -- the daily double. just like that -- finding it quickly.
you can risk up to $1,000 though you have but the $600 at the moment. i'll do $1,000. okay, here is the clue. what is sara lee? sara lee. yes, indeed. good stuff. go again. someone's in the kitchen $. lauren. who are aunt jemima and mrs. butterworth? you got them. someone's in the kitchen, $1,000. steve. what is mrs. dash? you're on the board with $1,000. let's go -o-o for $200, please. lauren. what is the dodo? that's it. -o-o for $400.